Custom Brow Design

A complete brow design consultation includes a consulation, brow scrub and shampoo, symmetrical shaping, removal of unwanted hair using tweezers and hot wax, followed by tinting, and application of brow extensions when needed. We use several brands of dyes, some which tint the skin (Thuya, Belmacil, LeviSsime) and those that do not (Refectocil). 

Depending on the look you desire, the colours are mixed in order to create an individual shade to match your hair and skin tone. Tint lasts on the skin anywhere from 1-3 days. Eyebrow extensions can last up to a week with proper after-care.

Brow tint - $20 - 15-20 minutes

Brow shaping - $20 - 30 minutes

Quick brow wax/shaping - $10 - 15 minutes

Brow extensions - $30 - 30 minutes, (each additional 15 min is $15.00)

Brow Tint with Henna

Tinting of brows with bio-henna is a type of semi-permanent brow tattoo, which is very different from microblading.

Henna is a natural product mixed with water, coffee, or wine, NOT an oxidizing agent, therefore reducing the risk of a skin allergy and sensitivity. With proper aftercare, henna can stay on the skin up to 10 days and on hair up to 3 weeks. Henna restores eyebrow hair growth by 60%, taking care of damaged and weak hair, strengthening them with each procedure.

Every bio-henna brow procedure at Lush & Bold includes a complete brow spa service: shampoo, scrub, massage and sealant. 

Shampoo, massage, brow tint & shaping with henna

$40 - 45-60 minutes

Located near Major Mackenzie Dr. & Islington Ave. in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.

Call/Text: 343-300-3980


Monday to Saturday by appointment only, daytime and evening appointments available.

Sunday + Holidays: CLOSED​​​

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